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Top 5 Air Conditioning Problems Due to Faulty Installation

Undeniably, air conditioning system units are one of the ingenious appliances ever made! As of to date, it is being continuously developed with advanced features in accordance with the purpose of giving comfort for both the residential and commercial setting. It may seem quite easy to just simply press a button and you can have your desired coolness all over your space. But getting too excited to install your air conditioner is something you must think twice. You might say that you can try watching a video tutorial on the internet about AC installation due to the purpose of wanting immediate relief on a hot day. However, in reality, it isn't easy. A small mistake during the installation process can cause bigger problems instead of having your AC run smoothly as they supposed to be.

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There's nothing wrong in asking for help especially when it is about a delicate and complicated process like installing an air conditioning unit. No one does it better than professional AC Installation Service Provider who can guarantee a successful installation of any HVAC system unit.  Let us share some of the bad scenarios you could encounter when installing the AC by yourself. Please take a careful reading as they are the top 5 AC problems you might have to deal with once installation goes the wrong way!

Common AC Installation Mistakes That Could Happen


1. Incorrect Sizing

People tend to get carried away when it comes to size.  Initially, bigger sizes of AC attract us to buy them thinking that they'll give much coolness compare to the smaller ones. However, this is one of the common misconceptions that can majorly contribute to the faulty installation process. You have to learn the right size because simply installing a unit with a wrong size that's ideal for the area can cause two problems.

The first problem would be losing the actual function of cooling the area. If it is too small or not of the optimum size, it may not be able to cool the room enough as it is supposed to. But if it is way too big, the room might suffer dehumidification. Generally, a square foot of space would require a window air conditioning unit with a cooling capacity of 20 British thermal units. Not all have the innate ability to correctly calculate the needed capacity for their space. That is why it is best to ask for assistance with your AC Installation Service Provider. Once you got the right size of AC installed, it can operate efficiently in bringing coolness and comfort to your home or office space!



2. Weight Distribution and Wrong Wiring


Hiring AC Installation specialists will prevent problems such as weight distribution and wrong wiring. But make sure to choose the service that truly has the experience and knowledge with the installation process. A mistake with wiring done by a sloppy work can cause dangerous damage to the air conditioning unit and even becomes risky in terms of electric disasters. This may particularly apply when there are exposed wires.

On the other hand, weight distribution is also one of the things you have to consider during the installation process. It is important to have a thorough assessment on how you'll set and prep your ac unit. This particularly applies when installing a window air conditioner. You'll need to take time installing not just the ac unit but setting up particular sturdy support that will reliably comply with proper weight distribution. It could be a strip of wood, L-brackets, expanded metal or anything made of porous material so the AC unit can securely sit on these installed support options.


3.  Insulation


It is important to ensure that you won't install your AC unit in a poorly insulated room because any HVAC system tends to work harder thus straining it towards a higher chance of system breakdown. If you have professional AC Installation experts by your side to help you with the process of installing your AC unit, you would be able to prevent it from happening. They'll be able to suggest and give you the best solution particularly in determining the right place to set up your AC unit. Aside from that, they'll insulate the refrigerant on the suction lines.

In terms of suction lines, it is somehow complicated and can't be done without proper care. When the insulation is done incorrectly as well as the suction line is placed at the wrong angle, the AC goes down considerably! There are right angles for every suction line which is vital for any type of air conditioning unit for them to achieve the right level of cooling.


4. Refrigerant Pipes


Another mistake that can potentially go wrong when done without the assistance and guidance of a real professional AC Installation specialist is having overlong refrigerant pipes. It is important to ensure that the pipes which connect the outdoor and indoor units to the central air conditioner must be at the right length. It must not be kept too long because it can affect the cooling cycle of the AC unit; thus making it difficult to properly function as it supposed to be.  It can also potentially strain the compressor, leading it to work continuously and result in unnecessary energy drainage.



5. Miscalculation on Space


Just like when completing a puzzle, it is important to know the right size that fits the available space. Before installing your AC, it is important to assess the entire area or office to give enough room for your AC unit to function well.  This particularly applies for both the split AC and wall ACs. There should be sufficient space left on all sides of the AC unit because it ensures proper air flow. AC Installation Professionals can guarantee enough space between the wall and your AC unit. By hiring them, you can avoid miscalculation on space and have assurance with AC to accurately function well.

These are just a few of the basic Air Condition Installation mistakes if you become too much excited and a bit of overconfident with installing the AC on your own. Doing some DIYs can be quite fun but it won't be like that anymore if it causes you bigger problems and costly repairs.

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