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Ruth Thomas

“Haven’t lived here for a month yet and my ac broke The humidity here is crazy and there’s no way to live here in this thick humid swamp at times without ac and I just wanted to say this company was honest, fast and I didn’t want to chance it again so I bought a new system from them Prices

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Chelsea Strickland

“This company takes care of all my offices air conditioning, my home and three of my family members homes here in South Florida They alway show up and have always been fair with me over the years and now I’m having them do my appliances too Definitely worth the gamble especially with the new owners”

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Travis Carey

“Ac broke and I have a credit card, it’s not rocket science and this company did me right, my apartment never got warm and they had it fixed Back to my life with ac and they were cool about everything”

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David Teeler

“I usually see ac companies at my neighbors houses not mine however I didn’t understand what was wrong with the ole ac this time Called A Plus and within a hour the emergency tech was in my drive Turns out it was a lower voltage part I never seen before and he replaced it who would have known Fair price

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Adam Seymour

“I never change my filter on time and this time it cost me a motor ugh My fault but this company replaced it instead of trying to sell me a new system At least they are honest”

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Richie Craig

“Well I don’t know anything about ac except mine wasn’t working and my girlfriend was supposed to come over Friday night after work and it’s Thursday afternoon Called this company and shazam, it’s fixed Friday morning and I can finish getting the old crib ready in time Cool technician and professional office staff”

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Joe Feldman

“My inside unit started making noises so I checked the filter and it was okay Ten minutes later it’s getting worse so I called A Plus and the technician comes out The motor was bad but under warranty so they replaced it and it was back up and running same day… honest company I didn’t know it was under warranty”

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Mitchell Cook

“I had a family cook out and my ac started getting warmer as the morning went on so I called my dad and he uses this company for ac repairs and his appliances so I called It’s Saturday morning and I get the typical answering service so I left my info with them Ten minutes later the guy calls, I agee

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Archie Lewis

“My ac broke in the middle of the news and I didn’t even eat my dinner yet with my neighbor She uses this company so I called and got the answering service Fifteen minutes later the guy calls, gave me the pricing for emergency service and said if I let him repair it when he’s here the service fee goes towards

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Fred Davis

“I will admit I had another company take a look at the ac unit and they condemned it, said the freon leaked out and it wasn’t worth the repair I asked my brother how long an ac unit should last since he’s a builder and he suggested A Plus so I called them the next morning Rick came out, pulled