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Front-load Washer
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Tips Remove Mold from Front-Load Washers

Common Problems of front-load Washer

Mold issues are usually one of the most common problems of front-load washer users. This is because unlike top-load washing machine the design of front-loads can trap moisture inside it which lead to a stinky mold problem. Plus, it has rubber seals or gaskets which keep the watertight and airtight. This gasket is prone to the detergent residue which creates a perfect mildew-growing spot. If you are having a problem with mold and mildews on your front-load washing machine, just follow these tips to effectively remove and prevent them.

  • Clean out the rubber seal – To clean out the rubber seal or gasket, use a bit of elbow grease. Then, use a rag and a hot, soapy water to remove the mildew. After doing so, wipe it out using a rag. If the mold is hard to remove or widespread, better replace the entire gasket.
  • Clean out the dispenser – To prevent mold issues with front-load washers, do a thorough cleaning with hot, soapy water, and brush. If possible, completely remove the dispenser from the water to clean it properly. But if you cannot remove the dispenser, then, use a bottle cleaner to remove as much mold as possible.
  • Use a cleaning solution to clean the interior of your washing machine – There are tons of cleaning solution to choose from for cleaning your washing machine’s interior. You can try out using a bleach, but using a residue busting cleaner is a lot better. A bleach is effective at killing off bacteria, but it doesn’t remove soap residue unlike residue busting cleaner. It is important to get rid of soap residue as it prevents the mold from growing back right away. So, always clean your washing machine’s interior by doing a hot an empty, hot water wash cycle.
  • Consider using less or switching detergents – To avoid mold growth on your washer, use less detergent or switch detergent as excess detergent can accelerate the mold growth in your washing machine.
  • Leave your door open – Front-load washing machine can trap moisture. So, to prevent this from happening, leave the door open in between loads to let the air out.
  • Regularly clean door seal – Always clean the door seal by wiping it regularly to prevent and remove these troublesome molds.

Molds can be really disgusting. Prevent them from growing on your front-load washer and follow these useful tips. Get rid of these smelly molds by keeping your washing machine clean. If you have any trouble with your appliance including your washer, do not hesitate to contact us. We repair almost every brand and types of appliances no matter where you bought them. We have professional repairmen available 24/7. We can repair your faulty appliance fast at an affordable price. So, what are you waiting for? Call us now to get your malfunctioning appliance back to its best condition. Do not worry because we will give you a free estimate over the phone. Schedule an appointment with us to see why we are the best appliance repair in town.

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