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Making your AC Repair and Maintenance a Priority!

Even if you love playing outdoors while feeling the warmth of the sun, it can be quite a pain and risky to your health when it becomes too hot. So we often take refuge inside to have some cooling moment with your air conditioner. Aside from your home, I guess there is no office or building that doesn’t treasure their AC. Besides, it is not just the people who need the coolness of air conditioner but certain things like computers in your workplace. Undoubtedly, it is a very convenient and helpful appliance.

It is quite difficult to battle out the heat. Regardless of the place, there will always be a possibility to experience such tormenting feeling due to the skyrocketing of temperature – particularly when it’s summer! The only thing that may console you and protect your from the heat is your trusted air conditioner. However, your day could be compromised when your AC breaks down. So what to do when that happens? Don’t panic and call your AC Specialists!

There are many companies who offer AC repair services but NO ONE LIKE US can provide comprehensive Fort Lauderdale AC repair and maintenance service!
Being able to call your trusted AC professionals is essential when it comes to unexpected breakdown of your air conditioner. You’ll need a thorough inspection and proper tune-up for your unit to efficiently operate so you won’t be left off steaming during the day or even at night. So if you want to keep your cool and make your home comfortable rely on us – the #1 Fort Lauderdale AC Repair and Maintenance Service!

Why Do You Need Us?

We are the Ultimate Solution that provides what you need and other awesome benefits you deserve to have!

You might be confused when choosing the out of the countless AC Repair companies but we incomparably standout! We, APlusAC-1.com, the experienced and licensed HVAC repair company has been the leading name in the industry. Why should you endure the heat due to the air conditioner break down when we can fix it in no time and let you enjoy cool benefits particularly our unmatched maintenance service that will keep your AC working at its’ full efficiency. For years, we have been a reputable company that never fails to provide exceptional customer service all across Fort Lauderdale!

We have prided ourselves on our restoring your comfort as rest assure that you’ll only be receiving exclusive and customized solutions in one go because we’ll never carelessly leave you and your AC – not until you are satisfied with our service.

For every time of your need, we are always ready to extend a helping hand, which by the way are skilled hands! Our staffs are experts and professionally certified HVAC technicians who have been in rigorous in-house training which sets them apart from other technicians of rival companies. They are knowledgeable to every model of air conditioners that is why we can efficiently diagnose the system and inspect everything – from the compressor, fan, condenser, filter system and other components – to determine the root cause of the problem. No matter what the issue of malfunction, you can put your trust on us. You will not be left behind the shadows because we will explain and discuss the process with you. Aside from that we’ll give professional recommendations and help you to come up with a choice best suited to your needs. After all, our mission is to deliver more than just a service because we prioritize your satisfaction above all!

Maximizing your AC Efficiency

You’ll get to experience REAL SERVICE that can bring the best out of your air conditioner! With our unparalleled repair solutions, you wouldn’t have to sweat – literally and figuratively!
If you think that keeping your home comfortable is hard, wait till you see what we generally cover with our specialized services.
Guaranteed skilled in calibrating thermostat operation and overall AC Tune-ups

Our thorough inspection covers not just the major components but even to the littlest things which include the checking of the blower motor capacitor, evaporator coil, refrigerant metering device, plenum for potential air leaks, condenser clearances, fan motor, refrigerant service valves, compressor, as well as the indoor and outdoor wiring.
Troubled if you need to repair or replace your AC? We can be your guide and help you determine if a fix is enough to bring back your AC or if it’s already time to replace it with a new one.
We also offer reliable installation service in a process that’s totally stress-free and budget-friendly!

You can also enjoy great access and quick response from our licensed experts through our 24/7 availability for 365 days a year!

We are professionally responsible so you can be at ease when it comes to trusting your air conditioner and your home in our care. Our staff shows up on time and will perform the job with dedication in accordance to our special Technician Code of Conduct; which means we’ll call ahead, dressed in uniform, well-mannered as expected from professionals, and competently ensure the safety of everything.

Stay Cool and Save up your Energy – plus your money!

Other than fixing your air conditioner, we are also the top choice when it comes to cooling maintenance and protection plans! We don’t simply forget our customers after the providing the repair solutions because we’ll always by your side no matter what – even up to the annual maintenance period.

Getting an expert to prevent air conditioner malfunction is important because they are complex and quite delicate machines so they also require regular inspection and cleanings that are of high quality. That is why, we prioritize the maintenance demands you deserve. You don’t have to do it by yourself. Let us show you how AC repair and maintenance is done right and priced right! As we ensure every system and entire air conditioner is properly maintain and operating at its’ maximum capacity, our affordable pricing helps you to save energy, time and money!
Schedule an appointment now or you can fill in a request form to connect with us. Learn more about how it’s possible to keep your cool and don’t get overheated with a sudden AC breakdown!

Take advantage of exclusive deals, special offers with great discounts! Call us today for fast, high quality and professional AC Repair Fort Lauderdale Service!

Best AC Repair and Maintenance Service Provider – Fort Lauderdale

Air conditioner can be considered as one of the most important and used appliances in our homes. It keeps us cool during the hot summer season. It makes offices as comfortable workplace and it’s essentially needed not just as humans but other machinery as well like computers.
How confident are you with your AC? When was the last time you’ve checked your AC? Often times, we are so comfortable of having it around so we tend to forgot about extending proper care for our most trusted AC – thinking it is alright as long as it gives you the coolness you need. But it is still a machine so it cannot clean itself. We must not wait for a problem to happen such as irreparable consequences which may cost greater expense of money, time and effort.
Are you seeking for an AC maintenance service that is reliable and offer honest service? Or are you convinced about the idea of buying a new AC just because you can’t figure out what cause the breakdown of your current one? Don’t lose hope because what you might be not seeing can possibly be solved with professional hands! No matter what situation you are in with your air conditioner, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!

Fort Lauderdale’s Trusted AC Repair and Maintenance Professionals

A Plus AC and Appliances is a professional AC repair shop who has been the leading name for reliable AC Specialists that provides unparalleled and honest service. Time to end your worries and unsatisfactory second-rate services! Unlike other business, we won’t give you empty promises. We provide a comprehensive AC Repair Fort Lauderdale that covers anything about repair and maintenance services. Rest assured we will bring back your cool and make your homes comfortable again! After all, we are the #1 AC Repair Fort Lauderdale!
When you decided to have your AC repaired or submit for maintenance needs, you are hiring the right and truly skilled AC repair and maintenance professionals. We are talking about money and effort here. If you want to save more then, hire only the best professionals in AC repair and maintenance service.
For many years, we have been serving the Fort Lauderdale in fixing and maintaining their air conditioners. We are a reputable company striving to always deliver excellent customer service and rest assured we will leave you with happy faces and cool feeling. We bring excellent and high-quality solutions to our customers and it is proven with the unmatched workmanship you can view at our gallery and testimonial page.

Stay Cool with the #1 AC Repair Fort Lauderdale

Do you want to have a cooling maintenance? We are the ultimate solution for your needs. Get additional benefits that you truly deserve! We don’t just fix and maintain your AC because you can also customize protection plans. We’ll be with you all throughout the process starting from the thorough checking of your AC until the day you can freely use it again. Our dedicated and certified AC technicians and staffs are professionals in this field. Plus with our extensive knowledge and utilizing the latest equipment, you can totally be at ease!
We ensure to give you back the full function of your air conditioner. It will reach its maximum capacity. Have a high-quality ac repair and maintenance for an affordable and reasonable price.
Stay cool and comfortable because we are your trusted AC service provider. Stay protected and secured with A Plus AC Repair and Maintenance!