A Plus Air Conditioning and Appliances Inc
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A Plus AC and Appliances

A Plus is a thirty year old company ran by veterans in the industry who have handled the most complicated commercial three phase systems to the most delicate residential mold systems in homes

We have the best appliance techs in South Florida capable of repairing your stove, replacing your garbage disposal to the balancing distribution center in your fridge

At A Plus we put over fifty years of combined knowledge, pride and honesty into every air conditioning and appliance job

We have an incredible, clean cut and professional staff willing to help transform your damp humid ac system into a crisp, clean new breathing experience from top to bottom

We can reduce viruses in your home from sick children as well as the reduction of mold that grows in your dark humid air handler

We take pride in every aspect of your homes air conditioning and appliances

We handle all of your air conditioning and appliance needs today building our relationship for tomorrow

Call the office and see what A Plus can do for you with 24 hour emergency service and a crew of technicians that will be your one stop shop for all your household needs