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7 Signs That You Are In Need of HVAC Repair Service

How many times have you tried basking out under the beautiful sun? It is quite amazing how we enjoy spending the day out and about even though the heat can be excruciating at times.

When the temperature rises, instinctively, we would like to take cover and simple lazed inside the house while setting the air conditioning unit at the coolest temperature level it can possibly be.  Such action is understandable especially when it is summer.

However, one important thing we must never forget is to check if your air conditioning unit is also ready for battling the heat. You have to make sure that everything is prepared and checked to see that they function well in order to keep your home cool. After all, it is not just about having a cool and comfy home.

It is also about keeping your cool against stressful circumstances like spending costly HVAC Repair Services just because you forgot to maintain and do regular check-ups on your precious air conditioning units!

Importance of Checking your Air Conditioning Units

Did you know that air conditioners also need “TLC” – tending loving care from you? Among the household appliances, HVAC is considered one of the things people tend to take for granted.

Even though we use it daily at almost 24/7 for the whole year, let us not forget that they won’t be always in tip-top condition. There will come a time that your ac unit will require you to change spare parts as they wear over time.

It is important to have regular checks for at least a few times in a month in order to ensure that everything is working as they supposed to be. Aside from that, we mustn’t be lenient in upgrading your HVAC as needed so that way it can provide better function for your lifestyle.

The threat of your ac breaking down has a big probability. Why? Simply because there are various factors that may cause mishaps and ignoring the need for HVAC Repair Service can lead to a much even worse as well as costly repairs. So instead of waiting for the day your AC stops working, learn these 7 warning signs that can help you be alert before the unwanted problem happens!

Warm Air

It is unusual obviously that the air conditioner blows warm air when it’s meant to give you cool air. If this is the case and you’ve noticed that your air condition unit is providing you warm air instead of the much needed coolness, you have to check the thermostat. If your vents still blow warm air, your ac may have restricted airflow or a compressor issue. Asking for professional help would be the best solution.


Poor Airflow

Did you somehow feel that the airflow is somewhat poor? It is a sign that your air conditioner have blockage and is preventing air from moving throughout your home.

Primary reason for this is the possibility of having clogged air filter, a broken motor or something worse could be the cause of insufficient airflow. When you find yourself in this situation, never hesitant to seek HVAC Repair Service near you!



Frequent Cycles

Once you’ve noticed frequent cycles in your air conditioner, it is actually a sign you are in need of professional HVAC Repair service. Though it is normal for air conditioners to go through relatively routine cooling cycles, it should cycle on and off constantly. So when you are in this situation, a quick air conditioner tune-up may resolve this AC problem.

High Humidity

Summer and the Spring seasons both give off humid weather and sticky feeling. But you have to expect it only when you are outdoors. In case you feel the same sticky feeling, then that means something is wrong with your HVAC. It is important to make note if your AC is giving off high humidity. You don’t need to experience too much humidity indoors when you have air conditioner because generally AC moderates the humidity levels automatically. So when you get the same feeling and your air conditioner can’t keep moisture within a comfortable range, it is best to call your trusted HVAC Repair Service Provider!


Pooled water or an active water leak around your air conditioner is an important sign that there is a problem with your cooling system. Air conditioner relies on refrigerant to cool your home and produce condensation as it operates. These liquids should not build up in your home. So when that happens, it is clear that you are in need of AC Repair Specialists.

Bad Odors

Surely no one would like to have a smelly house. We know how people work hard just to ensure that their home is beautifully maintained without a hint of unwanted smell. Especially when you have your furry friends living with you, the smell is highly important to the point we seek the best Pet Urine and Odour Removal Services.

Same goes for your air conditioning units. Once you’ve detect any foul

 smell or bad odour coming from your HVAC system, it is clearly a warning sign you are in need of professional service. It is necessary to deal with the odour issue before it smells worst. So when in this kind of situation, you’ll need to have a proper tune-up service that promises a complete cleaning session.


Unusual Noises

Can you hear any loud, sudden and unusual noises coming from your HVAC unit? This can be a sign of a big air conditioner problem. Your cooling system may not be working properly. Rattling or buzzing may indicate loose part. Whistling or grinding noise can be a more serious problem. This kind of ac problem needs professional tune-up as well!

If you every experience and encounter any of these signs, don’t ignore the warning bells and let certified professional HVAC specialist handle it for you!

Trusting A Plus AC Repair and Maintenance Service

Either it may be at residential or commercial setting, the owner of HVAC unit is responsible to make sure that they are in good condition. There should be no moment to lose when you are 

put in a situation of handling any of the 7 signs mentioned above. In order to prevent further damage and be able to save not just your money as well time, but more importantly securing your cool at all times!

You don’t have to be stressed out with second-rate services or be upset due to the rip-off schemes of other companies. Starting today, A Plus AC Repair & Maintenance Service Company will show you how experts handle the job! No need to spend a day searching at Google with the keyword “AC Companies near me”. With our extensive experience, team of HVAC specialists and top-notch techniques, your ac is in reliable hands!

Check out our Service page to know more of what we can do for you. Learn how much we value our customers and clients through our Testimonial page. Contact us today

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